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Walt Disney World – Part 1

Disney’s Old Key West Resort & Mickey Beignets Review

Hello Internet! I’m for the delay in getting another post published. It’s been a wild past few weeks and I finally found a few minutes to write this out. And, “Oh Boy!” (queue Mickey voice), I am excited to share this. A few weeks ago, I had the honor of going to Walt Disney World with my boyfriend and his family. Every year his family attends the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival, and I am so grateful to tag along this year.

Mickey Powerlines!

This trip began late Thursday night. My BF and I decided to head out after his late class, which honestly was the best idea ever. The three-ish-hour drive was peaceful and perfectly uneventful. Plus it was amazing to see the iconic Mickey Mouse powerlines lit up. We got into Orlando around 10pm and ended up getting some ‘fancy’ White Castle before passing out in our hotel room.

Friday was where the real excitement began. After waking up and getting ready for the day, we had the unfortunate realization that we forgot our sneakers at home. Note to anyone packing for Disney: always pack your sneakers first! But at least this gave us (more like me) to go shopping a bit. Friday was a free day within the family, so we were free to explore the area and check out the nearest Target and Walmart. The stores here are like a dream. Everywhere has a Disney section! It took all my will to not buy all the Disney merch.

After a while few hours of running to different stores, we finally each found to pair of sneakers. They seemed pretty comfy and, hopefully, they wouldn’t hurt us by the end of our park day. By the time, we were all done with our shopping venture, we finally checked into our hotel. We were staying at Disney’s Old Key West Resort. I’ve never really stayed on-site before, so this in of itself was a magical experience.

The Walkway In Between the Various Shops and Stores

The hotel was beautiful! Full of adorable charm and whimsy. Even though it was raining on and off all day, the hotel staff were friendly and helpful. Our rooms ended up not being ready until a few hours after our check-in time, but we enjoyed checking out the gift shop and restaurants. My BF was excited to show off all the amenities and memories from when he came as a kid, and I was excited to share all of my Disney knowledge.

Disney’s Old Key West Resort is a part of the Disney Vacation Club list of resorts. My family isn’t as into Disney as my BF’s family, so I have never spent much time on a hotel on Disney property.

I honestly felt like a celebrity the entire time we stayed here. My BF dropped me off at the front so that I wouldn’t have to walk in the rain. I was immediately greeted and told about the different shops we could check out while they prepared our room. Although we were a little bummed that our rooms weren’t ready, we decided to take advantage of it and go explore the surrounding hotels and area. After nearly heading to Disney Springs, we decided to take a detour and head to Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside hotel for something I have been craving for a while now…

Mickey Beignets!


I have been absolutely obsessed with these treats ever since I started following AJ Wolfe’s Disney Food Blog. For those of you that don’t know. AJ is absolutely in love with these beignets. And after trying them for myself, I understand why. These fluffy, soft, and delicious treats are now one of my favorite Disney snacks. I am absolutely in heaven. I decided to get the classic beignets, while my boyfriend’s brother got the boozy version. Although the boozy version looked amazing, it seemed harder to eat compared to the classic.

The beignets were warm and covered in powdered sugar – which, by the time we were finished, was all over my boyfriend and the table. The mickey shapes were perfectly fried and I was in love with the simplicity of this snack. It is now one of my favorite treats, and I will definitely be making a trip to Disney’s Port Orleans Resort in the near future.

After taking that amazing stop, my BF and I were finally ready to check out our room at the Beach Club. The room was awesome, to say the least! Three bedrooms, full kitchen, laundry room, living room, balcony, and full bathrooms per room! It was nothing like I had ever experienced before. If I have the privilege to stay here again I will. I would go into more detail, but unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the room and other facilities. All I can say is that if you get the chance to stay… DO IT!

I have so much more to say about my Disney experience, but I think this post is already long enough. I’ll post a second part soon with a review of the Boathouse Restaurant, the new Flight of Passage ride at Animal Kingdom, and a highlight of some of my favorites at the ECPOT Food and Wine Festival! Stay tuned!

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